"Honored Defeat" Poem

I have been defeated, I was conquered. In my divine throne i am still seated, In my defeat i am still honored. Thanks to new stuggle a new fight.. I am a wolf that fights alone. Against me there no smite, i will come back fully regrown In this journey i shall expereance fun, In this journey i shall expereance joy. In my journey i will walk i will run. Coming back in lonliness i fully deploy.

"Divine Humour" Poem

We emerged from darkness Into light of self perfection Our beauty matches kindness, It is it's absolute reflection. We were brought together, Our joy will stay forever. Through memery of self, Like a unity well. I smiled more than ever before, Jokes were divine more and more. All of this is more than a miracle, Our joy and fun were mythical.

"A lick on your face" Poem

Dragons are cute, Dragons are great. Always in the good mood, They can apear and fade. They are fantasy creatures , They do not exist. Howerver they have amazing features, By our fantasies they are missed. So take a deep breath, Think about a cute green dragon too. Accept his imaginery aproch to you, And his lick on your face.